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Identify life's want to do's and have to do's.

Have Fun!

Here's a list of priorities that regularly impact people's lives.

Moblie Users,turn your phone to Landscape.

Tap on the priorities that resonate with you and then tap the Have To/Want To box where you want them recorded.
The mobile users notices and instructions text to be bold and Dietz green font color.

Want to Now

Want to Later

Have to Now

Have to Later



Get my finances organized
Increase my savings
Gain a perspective on my debt
Fund a major purchase
Evaluate my lifestyle
Assess my lifestyle protections
Spend more time with family
Start a family
Fund a family member’s education
Support a family member in need
Implement/Revise my will & trust
Explore new interests
Buy/Sell a business
Work by choice/retire
Legacy for family/community
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